Here's what you get when joining EZprofit100 by purchasing the Product Package.

120 Mailing Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels.  These mailing leads can be used with any Home Business Program... and great to use promoting EZprofit100!  $45.00 Value.  (Sent to members in United States Only)

A Full-Length CD of Original Christian Music recorded by Art Rayburn.  $20 Value.  Art was a Music and Youth Minister for 18 years in various churches through-out Texas and New Mexico.  As a recording artist, he's written hundreds of original songs, had several receive traditional radio air play, and many listed with Pandora and Jango Radio and Spotify.

Your very own EZprofit100 Marketing Website, just like this one!  A professional website like this can cost up to $29 a Month with other home business opportunities!  But with EZprofit100, you get this $348 Value as part of your "one-time-payment" Product Package.

A Complete Online Library of Business Building Articles written by professionals who have built downline teams of 10,000 members or more and earned Millions from home.  Read these articles and learn the "Inside Secrets" to building a Profitable Home Business.  $199 Value.

Plus... receive a complete "New Member Kit" sent by Direct Mail.  (U.S. members Only)  This kit includes easy to implement Step-by-Step Instructions on how to build a Solid and Profitable Home Business in about2 - 3 hours per week.  A $99 Value.  (Paid members can also download this kit from the back-office.)


If you were to purchase these Products and Services individually... it could cost you up to $700.00.  But join EZprofit100 and get all these Value Driven Benefits for the Low "One-Time-Only payment of $149.00!  Now That's Real Value!




This is How Affiliates Get Paid:

EZprofit100 utilizes a Unique Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.  The 2nd and 4th person you sponsor are "passed up" to your sponsor.  But Don't Worry!  The 2nd and 4th member of the people you sponsor are "passed up" to YOU!  This truly is a "people helping people" compensation plan.  No Levels!  Just One Amazing "Horizontal Pay-Line" growing by the "Power of 2" for UNLIMITED Growth & Income Potential!

1st Person you sponsor goes to YOU!  You get a $100 Payout!

2nd Person you sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor!

3rd Person you sponsor goes to YOU!  You get another $100 Payout!

4th Person you sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor.

5th Person you sponsor and everyone after that... goes to YOU!  And you get another $100 Payout for each one of them!


You only "pass up" your 2nd and 4th member to your sponsor.  Everyone Else you personally sponsor goes directly to YOU... and You Earn a Whopping $100 Payout for Each One of Them!  And You Can Sponsor as Many People as You Wish for UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL!


But that's just the beginning of this Income Generating Tidal Wave!

Each member that you personally sponsor (1st, 3rd, 5th and everyone after that) is added to your "Horizontal Pay-Line".  As already stated, YOU earn a $100 Payout from each of these members... PLUS they each "Pass-Up" to YOU their 2nd and 4th member!

You earn another $100 Payout from the 2nd and 4th member who were "Passed Up to YOU!

But that Profit Potential doesn't stop there... because each of those members "Pass Up" their 2nd and 4th member to YOU... and you earn two more $100 Payouts!

And each of those members "Pass Up" their 2nd and 4th member to YOU... and this continues through INFINITY!  Which allows YOU to earn Never-Ending $100 Payouts!



Click the "Descriptions" Button above for more details on this Profitable Compensation Plan!


EZprofit100 has a Complete DIRECT MAIL Marketing System and a Complete ONLINE Marketing System.  Choose the one that suits you best!  OR... Use Them Both!


Direct Mail Marketing System:  If you can mail Postcards or Flyers, you can work this business.  Many of the EZprofit100 dedicated members love to build their business by Direct Mail.  All you have to do is simply mail postcards or flyers, and when your prospects return the marketing piece to my Fulfillment Center, I send them a complete information pack tagged with your username.  When they join, you get the credit.  And when they upgrade to the "Paid" position... you EARN a $100 Commission.

Click Here to view more information on Postcards and Mailing Lists.


Online Marketing System:  More and more people are wanting to earn extra income completely online!  With that in mind, I have developed a Complete Online Marketing System with simple step-by-step instructions.  Not only will I show you where to get REAL ONLINE LEADS, you can also set up a 3rd Party "Click Funnel" System that does the selling for you!  It's like having your own sales-person working for you 24-hours a Day, 365 Days a Year!

Click Here to see the simplicity and power of this Online Marketing System!


NOTE:  EZprofit100 does NOT allow the use of "Robo-Hit" Traffic Generating Scams.  Any system that "guarantees" or "promises" Thousands of hits to your website for X-amount of dollars... is a SCAM that is simply sending "robo-hits" to your site, instead of real people.  These so-called "traffic generating" systems are scams and not allowed.



This is the Most Affordable and Most Lucrative "One-Time-Pay" Home Business Opportunity available today!  And it's specifically designed for "Everyday Working Class" People!


With the EZprofit100 Affiliate Program you can earn Fast Upfront Profits... plus Long-Term Wealth.. with One Simple Effort!


Join EZprofit100 with an Extremely Low ONE-TIME-ONLY payment of $149.00... and then leverage this opportunity into $100 Commissions Over and Over again!  This is no "Nickel and Dime" opportunity.  With EZprofit100 you can earn Extremely Lucrative $100 Payouts!





How Much Money Will I Earn With EZprofit100?

The simple answer is... "I Don't Know."  EZprofit100 is NOT a traditional job.  If you're searching for a steady "paycheck" for rent and groceries... you need to stay away from ALL home business opportunities!  (And by the way... there is NO Such Thing as a Postcard Mailing Home JOB!)  ALL Affiliate Programs and Home Business Opportunities require Time, Effort and at least a small amount of Working Capital.  And as with ANY Business, some risk is involved.  BUT... because there is NO LIMIT to the number of $100 Commissions You can Earn with EZprofit100... The Sky's the Limit!  The Earning Potential of EZprofit100 is Only Limited By YOUR Dreams and Effort!

For Complete Details on the Compensation Plan, Click on the "Descriptions" Button at the top of the Page.



I've known Art Rayburn for over 14 years!  Bottom-line: the EZprofit100 Opportunity he created Makes Money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas and leadership!  Listen to this man if you'd like to make more money!

Bob Schwartz, Jr.
Owner, Home Business Advertiser


Click here to read what others are saying about EZprofit100


Art, it is an honor and pleasure working with a professional and honest networker like you!  The turn-key systems you make available to help your organization grow is excellent and I know it works!  The MLM company I owned had over 500,000 distributors because of making available to them turn-key systems like you have!  I am glad to be part of history making again!

Roy Babineaux
Former owner of Cajun Country Candies





Joining EZprofit100 is Extremely Simple

Click on the "Register" button at the top of this page and complete the simple form.  You'll have 30 Days to make the "One-Time-Only" $149.00 Payment, which Upgrades you to a "Paid" member!  Once your account has been upgraded, you can start Earning $100 Commissions!!!

Please Note that ONLY Paid members can build a business and receive commissions!


What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

EZprofit100 is only available to individuals with a United States or U.S. Territory Mailing Address.  Payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Money Order.  A New Member Kit will be sent by Direct Mail to Paid Members.

NOTE:Each account has to be manually upgraded, which can take up to 2 business days.



Note: Be sure to add art@ezprofit100.com to your "safe list."  If you don't receive our Professional Money Making Emails, be sure to check your "junk folder."


When considering a Home Business Opportunity, most have one simple question... "Is this a Real Opportunity with a Real Person behind the Web Site?"  With EZprofit100 the answer is "yes".  My name is Art Rayburn.  I have been involved with Network Marketing for over 30 years.  I am the founder of EZprofit100 and have also been a pastor in various churches throughout Texas and New Mexico.

If you have any questions about EZprofit100, contact me by email or phone: 

Email: art@ezprofit100.com

Phone: (903) 436-0058   (9am - 5pm CST)









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