Compensation Plan

2-Up Leveraging = Ever-Flowing $100 Payouts!

EZprofit100 utilizes a Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.  The 2nd & 4th Member you sponsor goes up to your sponsor.  But That’s a Good Thing!  Everyone else you personally sponsor (1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, etc) goes on YOUR Horizontal Pay-Line… and each one of them Give YOU their 2nd & 4th Member… who in turn give you 2 Team Members… who each give you 2 Team Members, etc… LEVERAGING through INFINITY!

And Your Earn $100 from Each Member on Your Horizontal Pay-Line!


Forget About Levels!  There are No Levels with the EZprofit100 Compensation Plan.  Just One Amazing “Horizontal Pay-Line” Growing by the “Power of 2” for UNLIMITED Growth and Income Potential!

The Power of Leverage!

Every Member on Your "Horizontal Pay-Line" gives You 2 Paying Members, no matter if you sponsored them or they were "Passed Up" to YOU. And You Earn a $100 Commission from Each One of Them!

Watch this brief video for Compensation Plan Overview.  

Disclaimer: Financial examples are for illustrative purposes only.  As with Any Home Business Opportunity, there is no guarantee of income, but the Income Possibilities are Unlimited!  Your results are based on your effort and other factors.  

There's NO LIMIT to the number of members you can personally sponsor, creating Unlimited "Power of 2" Income Potential!

Take a Look at the EZprofit100 Income Possibilities Again!

Why You Should Join EZprofit100 Today!

$100 Commissions!

You receive a $100 Commission from the very first member you sponsor! No more waiting for a pay-day someday!

Unlimited Income Potential!

You receive $100 Commission from everyone you personally sponsor, except your 2nd and 4th member; who are "passed-up" to your sponsor. There is NO LIMIT to the number of members you can personally sponsor, so there is NO LIMIT to Your Success!

No Levels!

Just One Amazing "Horizontal Pay-Line" that grows by the Power of 2 through INFINITY!

$100 "Pass-Up" Commissions!

Every Member on Your "Horizontal Pay-Line" pass up their 2nd and 4th member to YOU! This includes the members you personally sponsor (except 2 & 4) and members passed up to you. They ALL Pass Up 2 Members to YOU... and You Earn a $100 Commission on Each One of Them! This Creates Unlimited Income Potential!

Huge Commissions!

There are No Puny Commissions with EZprofit100! You Earn HUGE $100 Commissions and our 2-Up Plan has TWICE the Earning Potential of 1-Up Plans!

Perfect Price Point!

Anyone serious about building a solid home based business can afford the extremely low "One-Time-Payment" of Only $149. Which means your Marketing Pool is Much Larger than it would be for some outrageous gifting program!

... OR ...

EZ Profit 100 is my top producing Affiliate Program for 5 reasons. 1. Art Rayburn provides great leadership. 2. EZ Profit100 is 8 years old, therefore it is a stable home business. 3. It takes 5 minutes to sign up and be set up to start making money. 4. The program is simple and easy to duplicate, which allows you to build large downlines fast. 5.Low one time start up cost and fast return on investment. I went into profit my first week.

If you’re searching for a Simple and Honest Home Business, Don’t Delay Join Easy Profit 100 Today!

– James Brown, Owner Home Business Affiliates, Leader and Downline Builder Trainer. 

Joining EZprofit100 is Extremely Simple!  Click on a “JOIN” button and register now.  You’ll have 30 Days to make the “One-Time-Only” $149.00 Payment.  Once payment is received, you’ll be upgraded to a “Paid” member and you can start Earning $100 Commissions!  EZprofit100 is available in the U.S. Only.