11. Can I contact my "free" members?

Yes.  In the Members Only section, click on the "Referrals" button.  To the far right of each member, click on the check mark.  This allows you to send that member a message encouraging them to upgrade to a paid member. 

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12. Why am I having trouble registering using a Yahoo email address?

Our software will not accept Yahoo email addresses, because so much spam is associated with Yahoo email addresses.  The sad reality is the spammers make it more difficult on everyone, including honest marketers.  Many of our members join using a gmail address.  You can get a free gmail address by going to gmail.com.

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13. I am using a web address "re-direct" with cloaking. Instead of my name appearing at the top of my EZprofit100 website, it shows "???". How do I correct this issue?

Our software does not allow for "cloaking" or "masking".  Simply disable the "cloaking" or "masking" on your re-direct web address and your name should appear at the top of your EZprofit100 web site.

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14. Does My First and Last Name have to appear on my EZprofit100 website?

Yes.  When registering you must use your First and Last name.  We use this information to properly track commission payments.  If you use a business name, checks will be made payable to that business name.   If you have questions, please contact EZprofit100.

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15. I am having trouble logging into my back office. How do I correct it?

Type in your Username and Password, all lower case.  Then type in the captcha box, only 4 characters (case sensitive).  You MUST log in from a desk top or laptop computer.  Does not work with hand held devices.   If you need your password reset, it has to be done manually from the admin.  Send your new password to art@artrayburn.com and I'll reset it. 

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16. I am an EZprofit100 member. When I go to the EZprofit100 website, it still shows my sponsor's name, instead of my name. How can I change that?

The EZprofit100 system utilizes "cookies" to track members and prospects so you get proper credit.  Your computer still has that "cookie" stored.  Delete the "cookies" on your web browser, then go to your EZprofit100 website using the long Referral Web Address from your back-office.  Your name should then appear.  This is not a concern.  As long as you are directing prospects to you unique EZprofit100 web address, they are seeing your name appear as sponsor. 

Update: 12 Feb 2016 permalink

17. Am I allowed to use Traffic Generating Services to send hits to my EZprofit100 website?

 No!  I have never found a Traffic Generating Service that is legit.  Every Traffic Generating Service I have ever checked out sends fake "robo-hits."  That's why they can send so many hits for a small price.  If a service or website claims they can send you Thousands of hits to your website for $100 or less... It's a Scam!  These Traffic Generating Services are prohibited by EZprofit100, because they clog up our system and can actually shut down your website.  If you want to throw your money away on such a fake service... you MUST direct the hits to a 3rd party landing page and Not directly to your EZprofit100 website.  Think this through... generating real Online Leads, real people viewing your website, cost between .20 to $2.00 or more per lead/hit... so services promising thousands of hits for X amount of dollars are just scams!  If it sounds too good to be true... It Is! 

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18. I signed up as a Free Member and my name does not appear on my website. Why not?

Only "Paid" members can actually sponsor new members.  The names of "Paid" members appear on their website.  The names of "free" members do not.  If you're "paid" member and you're still seeing your sponsor's name, you need to delete or refresh the "cookies" on your internet browser. 

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19. Will I receive an email when a prospect registers and when a member pays?

Yes.  You receive two emails.  This first email simply shows that a prospects has registered with EZprofit100 from your marketing efforts.  At that point, the person is a "free" member and does not generate a commission.  "Free" members have 30 days to pay and upgrade.  If they don't upgrade, the system kicks out their information.  Only Paid Members can build a business by referring prospects to their EZprofit100 website.  Once a "free" member PAYS, you will receive another email message stating you have just generated a $100 commission.

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20. I am having trouble upgrading to Phase-2. Where can I find answers?

For answers on how to upgrade to EZprofit100 Phase-2, go to: www.EZprofit100.com/phase2needtoknow

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