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1. Is EZprofit100 available World-Wide? permalink

EZprofit100 is only available in the United States and U.S. Territories.

Update: 2014-01-10

2. How often are commissions sent? permalink

Commissions are Paid WEEKLY!  Commissions are mailed the first part of the week, for the Previous Week's activity.  PLEASE NOTE: Even through The Rayburn Group cuts commission checks weekly, Commissions are only sent after order has cleared Credit Card processing and funds are deposited into our bank account.   Payments made through Payza have an automatic hold, which means it could take up to 15 days before those funds are credited to our bank account.  Commissions are paid only AFTER the payment funds have been transfered to "The Rayburn Group" bank account.   Even if your "back office" shows a commission has been paid, it's still possible we are waiting on funds to be transferred to our bank account.  PLEASE: Only contact EZprofit100 about a commission payment if it's been over 30 days since commission was generated.

Update: 2011-09-23

3. Do you guarantee that I'll make money with EZprofit100? permalink

Of course not.  This is a Home Business Opportunity, not a job.  No one can "guarantee" that you'll make money in ANY home business opportunity.  If you need money right now... I encourage you to go find a part-time job.  If you're searching for a Home Business Opportunity where you have the potential to earn THOUSANDS of dollars per Month... then I encourage you to join EZprofit100 now!

Update: 2010-06-01

4. How will I receive Commissions? permalink

Commissions are sent by paper check.  Be sure to Login to the "Members Area".   Click on the "Edit Account" link, then update your PO Box or Street Address (wherever you receive mail).  

Update: 2011-03-08

5. Am I eligible to receive commissions as a Free Member? permalink

No.  Only Paid Members are eligible to receive commissions.  EZprofit100 has an extremely low "One-Time-Only" payment of $129.  And we payout the lions-share of that to our distributors.  ($100 commissions.)   When you join as a Free Member, you have 30 days to further research this extremely lucrative Home Business Opportunity.  Plus... you can download the Free Special Reports.  When you're ready to start Filling Your Pockets with $100 Bills... you can easily Upgrade to a Paid Member in the Members Only area. 

Update: 2011-04-08

6. How long does it take for my account to be upgraded once I have paid? permalink

In an effort to cut down on Credit Card fraud, The Rayburn Group manually upgrades "paid" members who pay through our 3rd party processor (ProPay).  Once we've received payment, it can take up to 2 business days for your account to be manually upgraded to a "paid" member.  Most accounts are "upgraded" sooner.

Update: 2015-06-18

7. I have sponsored several Free Members, but none have passed up to my Sponsor. Is this normal? permalink

Yes.  Free Members do not "pass up."  Free Members are held in a "holding tank."  Once a member upgrades and is a Paid Member, the correct ones (2nd and 4th paid member) will pass up to your sponsor.  This makes sure that you earn commissions from the 2nd and 4th members "passed up" to you.

Update: 2011-03-24

8. I have only sponsored one member but under their name it says "Referral Passed Up to Your Sponsor." Aren't the 2nd and 4th members passed up to my sponsor, instead of the 1st member? permalink

That's correct.  The 2nd and 4th "paid members" are passed up to your sponsor.  Free members do not pass up.  The phrase "Referral Passed Up to Your Sponsor" is a heading.  The list of members sponsored by you and passed up to your sponsor will appear BELOW this heading.

Update: 2011-07-19

9. Why doesn't the "registrater" button appear on my website? permalink

When you have logged into your EZprofit100 members area, the "Members Area" button appears in place of the "register" button.  If you manually log out of the back-office, the "register" and "login" button should reappear.  All prospects that visit your website, still see the "register" button, until they register.

Update: 2016-07-19

10. How do I know if a member I have sponsored is a "free member" or "paid member?" permalink

In the Members Only section, click on the genealogy button.  Click on the green button to the right of each member.  Beside "Account Status"... it will read either "Inactive or Free"... or "Active."  Active = paid.  Our automated system also sends you an email when a member upgrades and you generate a commission.

Update: 2011-03-03

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