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EZprofit100 Update

Hi EZprofit100 Member,

Just wanted to take a minute to
share with you 3 Updates that are
going to really Increase the
Profitability of EZprofit100.

1: => I have completely updated
the EZprofit100 Home Page.  The website
is Easier to Read... more appealing...
and even includes a NEW Introduction
Video!  Check it out at: www.EZprofit100.com

2:=> As you know, Lead Lightning is
an Optional Program you can join through
your EZprofit100 back-office.  You can
use LL to set-up a Landing Page and generate
online traffic.  I have now developed a
Complete "Click Funnel" System for those wanting
to utilize the Power of the Internet to
enhance their business.  This is available
to Lead Lightning Members who upgrade to the
GOLD Level... and they can use the EXACT SAME
Landing Pages and Email Auto-Responders that
I use.  

You can join Lead Lightning through your
EZprofit100 back-office... and you can check
out how easy it is to set-up this system by
going here: http://www.ezprofit100.com/system

3: =>  EZprofit100 is now accepting PAYZA as
a payment option.  It takes up to 2 business
days to manually upgrade a members account
when they pay through our standard payment
processor.  Those who make their upgrade
payment through PAYZA will receive Instant
Access to their upgraded back office.  This
is huge and should increase the number of
Paid Memberships.

Those are the 3 updates.  Stay tuned for more
to come!

Wishing you success...

Art Rayburn
(903) 436-0058  (Central Time)



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8 Nov 2017 (8 Nov 2017)

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