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EZprofit100 Update

October 11, 2017

Greetings EZprofit100 Member,

If you'll check out the "Programs List" area in your EZprofit100 back office you'll notice that once again we are offering "Lead Lightning" as an optional program in place of Gorilla Marketing Pro.

I really felt that Gorilla Marketing Pro (GMP) was the best option when we made the switch.  But over the last few months GMP has placed most of their focus on pushing their new MLM company.  In my opinion, this resulted in GMP losing its identity as a "generic" business building system.  Plus, I do not agree with the "spam-like" features of their new company's product.  

So, with all that in mind, I have re-activated the "Lead Lightning" optional program in the "Programs List" area of EZprofit100.  Many of you are already a member of "Lead Lighting" and I would encourage you to use their resources in building your EZprofit100 business.  If you are not already a "Lead Lightning" member, you can check out the details in the "Programs List" area of your EZprofit100 back-office.

Wishing You Network Marketing Success,

Art Rayburn


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11 Oct 2017 (11 Oct 2017)

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