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EZprofit100 Update

As of today, the price to join EZprofit100 has increased to $149.00.

I realize no one likes a price increase and I've held EZprofit100 to the low price of $129.00 for almost 7 years.  
The cost of product, processing and other business costs have required The Rayburn Group to increase
the price to $149.00.

The "Two-Step" flyers & postcards that are returned to our fulfillment center have not changed.
Keep mailing them out.

The "One-Step" flyer that allows prospects to join directly from the flyer have been updated to
show the $149.00 price point.  The old flyer will be accepted until December 31, 2017.  
On January 1, 2018 those orders from the old flyer will be returned to prospect for the extra payment.

To get a new updated flyer, simply send an email request to art@ezprofit100.com.  Be sure to
include your Name, Address, and your EZprofit100 USERNAME.

The website has already been updated with the new information.

Wishing You Success...

Art Rayburn


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18 Sep 2017 (18 Sep 2017)

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