As of January 4, 2019 EZprofit100 is No Longer an Active Program.  Any information listed on this website is now out of date. 

EZprofit100 is NOT some questionable gifting program! With EZprofit100 You Get a Product Package of Real Value!

Mailing Leads

You Get 120 Mailing Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels. These mailing leads can be used with ANY Home Business Program... and are great to use promoting EZprofit100. $45.00 Value!

Music CD

You Get a Full-Length CD of Original Christian Music recorded by Art Rayburn. $20 Value. Art was a Music & Youth Minister in various Churches for 18 years. As a recording artist, he's written hundreds of original songs, had several receive traditional radio air play, and many listed with Pandora, Jango Radio and Spotify.

Marketing Website

You Get Your Very Own EZprofit100 Marketing Website, just like this one! A professional website like this can cost up to $29 a Month with other home business opportunities! But with EZprofit100, you get this $348 Value as part of your "One-Time-Payment" Product Package.

Online Library

You Get a Complete Online Library of Business Building Articles written by top leaders in the industry. These Network Marketing Leaders have built Organizations with over 10,000 Members and have Earned Millions from Home! Read these articles and learn the "Inside Secrets" to building a Profitable Home Business! $199 Value.

New Member Kit

You Get a complete "New Member Kit" sent by Direct Mail! (U.S. Members Only) This kit includes easy to implement Step-by-Step Instructions on how to Build a Solid and Profitable Home Business in about 2 - 3 Hours per Week! A $99 Value (Paid members can also download this kit from the back-office)

$700 Value at a Fraction of the Cost!

If you were to purchase these Products and Services Separately... it could cost you up to $700.00. But with EZprofit100 you get all these Value Driven Products and Benefits for the Low "One-Time-Only" payment of $149.00

This is How Affiliates Get Paid!

EZprofit100 utilizes a Unique Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.  The 2nd and 4th person you sponsor are “passed up” to your sponsor.  But Don’t Worry!  The 2nd and 4th member of the people you sponsor are “passed up” to YOU!  This truly is a “people helping people” compensation plan.  No Levels!  Just one Amazing “Horizontal Pay-Line” growing by the “Power of 2” for Unlimited Growth & Income Potential!

1st Person to YOU!

The First Person You Sponsor goes to YOU... and YOU Earn a $100 Commission!

2nd Person to Sponsor.

The Second Person You Sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor.

3rd Person to YOU!

The Third Person You Sponsor goes to YOU... and You Earn another $100 Commission!

4th Person to Sponsor.

The Fourth Person You Sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor.

5th Person to YOU!

The Fifth Person You Sponsor and EVERYONE AFTER THAT... goes to YOU... and You Earn a $100 Commission for Each One of Them!

You Only "Pass-Up" your 2nd & 4th Member to Your Sponsor.

Everyone Else You Personally Sponsor Remains on Your Personal Pay-Line...

and You Earn a $100 Commission for Each One of Them!

But That's Just the Beginning of This Income Generating Tidal Wave!

You Earn More Money on "Pass-Up" Members!

As already stated, Your 1st, 3rd, 5th and everyone you sponsor after that is added to Your "Horizontal Pay-Line." And You Earn a $100 Commission for each of these members. PLUS... each one of them "Pass-up" to YOU their 2nd & 4th Member... and You Earn a $100 Commission on Each of Them!

The Profit Potential Continues Through Infinity!

Each "Pass Up" Member You Receive ALSO Has to "Pass-Up" Their 2nd and 4th Member to YOU... and YOU Earn a $100 Commission on Each One of Them! This continues on through INFINITY! And YOU Earn a $100 Commission from Every Member that Ends Up on Your "Pay-Line" no matter if you personally sponsored them OR you received them as a "Pass-Up" member!

... OR ...

Art, it is an honor and pleasure working with a professional and honest networker like you!  The turn-key systems you make available to help your organization grow is excellent and I know works!  The MLM company I owned had over 500,000 distributors because of making available to them turn-key systems like you have!  I am glad to be part of history making again!

Roy Babineaux  (Former owner of Cajun Country Candies) 

Joining EZprofit100 is Extremely Simple!  Click on a “JOIN” button and register now.  You’ll have 30 Days to make the “One-Time-Only” $149.00 Payment.  Once payment is received, you’ll be upgraded to a “Paid” member and you can start Earning $100 Commissions!  EZprofit100 is available in the U.S. Only.

A $19.90 Value... Absolutely FREE!

Get these 2 Special Reports when registering... "Steps to Creating a Postcard Mega-Fortune" and "Low-Cost Programs: The Unrealized Problem". You get these Special Reports simply for registering today! You will then have 30 days to make the "One-Time-Only" $149.00 Payment.

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