Craigslist Fast Track System

Third party system endorsed by EZprofit100. 

Here's the System for Those EZprofit100 Members Wanting to Earn $5,000 to $10,000 a Month A.S.A.P!

Proven System by Master Networker!

This third party Marketing System was developed and perfected by Master Network Marketer, James Brown. James is the owner of "Home Business Affiliates" and an Affiliate of EZprofit100. He has used this Exact Same System to build teams of over 30,000 affiliates in various programs over the past 20 years. James and his EZprofit100 team members are currently having great success using his Craigslist Fast Track Marketing System.

Proven System Available to YOU!

James Brown has made his "Craigslist Fast Track Marketing System" available to All EZprofit100 members at a very discounted price. Whether you're a new EZprofit100 member or been with our program for years, you can now implement the system that's proven to sponsor new members on a consistent basis! Now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing! Many who have struggled in this industry have used this system to jump-start their journey to success!

The Hottest Leads Available!

The "Craigslist Fast Track Marketing System" generates HOT, INSTANT LEADS Directly to Your Email Box! These are the BEST LEADS money can buy and include Name, Phone Number and Email Address. And these hot prospects are your personal leads forever! You can get Fast Sign-ups while building your own In-House List!

This is Not Just a Leads Program. It's a Complete Marketing System!

Ad Copy

You'll receive the Exact Advertising Copy to use when placing your ads in Craigslist.  No Marketing Experience Required. Simply follow in the footsteps of the one who's already generated Thousands of Hot Prospects with this System!

Prospect Email

You don't have to be a great copywriter either. With this proven system you'll get the EXACT Email Letter to send to your Craigslist Prospects! No More Trying to Figure It Out on Your Own! Simply copy and past this Letter in an email and send it to your Craigslist Prospect!

Pre-written Script

This system DOES NOT Require Cold-Calling... but you will be using the phone because the Leads will be coming in so fast! But no worries here, because you also get a pre-written phone script that is short, to the point and extremely effective. And you'll only call prospects who responded to your Craigslist Ad and WANT You to Contact Them!

Those Serious About Earning an Extra $5,000 to $10,000 a Month A.S.A.P will Need Some Very Basic Equipment and Skills.

To work the “Craigslist Fast Track Marketing System effectively you will need the following: 


  • Laptop or PC

  • Basic computer skills – ability to copy and paste

  • Good Communication Skills

  • Cell Phone – dedicated to your home business

  • Email address dedicated to your home business

  • Up to 1 hour for your Initial Training Appointment to launch your first campaign. 


Choose the Option that Fits You Best!

Option #1

Learn the System and Do It Yourself!

James Brown is making this system available to ALL EZprofit100 Members at a very discounted price.  With this proven and effective system you'll get Personal One-on-One Training... the Marketing Material explained above... and 12-Months of Support to ensure your LONG-TERM SUCCESS!  You get all of this for the One-Time Low Payment of Only $300.  

This is perfect for those marketers wanting more control over their marketing efforts!

Option #2

Don't Have the Time or Skills to Work the System?

Get James Brown and his team of professionals to run the system for you! With the "Done For You" option, James and his team will Place the Craigslist Ads (Or Solo Ads if you choose)... Send the Initial Email to the Prospect... Contact the Prospect by Phone... and then Close the Prospect and Sign Them Up For You When They're Ready to Join You in EZprofit100! Success doesn't get any easier than this!

The "Done For You" Cost is Only $200 down and $50 per month after they get your first 2 paid sign ups.

What Others are Saying

Don't Delay! Start on the Fast Track to Success Today!

Option 1: Do It Yourself

Receive Training, Materials, and 12-Months of Support from James Brown for the One-Time Only Low Cost of Only $300.

... OR ...

Option 2: Done For You

Let James Brown and his team of professionals do the marketing and follow-up for you at only $200 down then $50 per month.

Choose the Option That Fits You Best!

The "Craigslist Fast Track System" is Completely Optional... but Very Effective. To learn more, register with EZprofit100 Now! Or Contact Your Sponsor!