EZprofit100 Terms and Conditions


EZprofit100 Terms and Conditions.

1.     By accessing and using this service, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using these particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service.

2.  The Site and its original content, features, and functionality are owned by The Rayburn Group and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.


3. I am of legal age in the state and/or country of residency.  I understand as a distributor, I am an independent contractor.


4.      I understand, I am responsible for the payment of all federal and state self-employment taxes.  I understand I am not an employee of EZprofit100 or The Rayburn Group.


5.      EZprofit100 / The Rayburn Group reserves the right to add or delete products and services from the EZprofit100 website and opportunity without prior notice.


6.      I understand that any charts, graphs or examples in EZprofit100 material of potential income are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only.


7.      EZprofit100 is not associated with any gambling, lotteries or gifting of any kind.


8.      I will not make false or misleading statements about EZprofit100 or The Rayburn Group.


10.      EZprofit100 does not pay, reward or offer commissions/earnings of any kind for recruiting of referring others to the EZprofit100 program.  Commissions are paid on “product purchases” only in accordance to the EZprofit100 compensation plan.  Such compensation plan may be changed or adjusted at any time at the discretion of EZprofit100 and The Rayburn Group.


11.      Because the products offered by EZprofit100 are "On-line"... and there is no way to track whether a client or customer actually downloaded or used the purchased products or not; EZprofit100 / The Rayburn Group does not offer a money-back guarantee and neither does EZprofit100 / The Rayburn Group give refunds.


12.      EZprofit100 will drawback all bonuses and incentives paid to distributors relating to the sale of product being returned or payment being rejected. 


13.  Distributor/Member is defined as a person that has enrolled with EZprofit100 and wishes to build a downline (sales organization) and participate in the commission plan. 


14.  EZprofit100 / The Rayburn Group has a strict NO FAXING/NO SPAM policy.  EZprofit100 / The Rayburn Group reserves the right to terminate the distributorship of any distributor violating this policy or conducting their business in any unethical manor.


15.While EZprofit100 is completely committed to assisting its members in building their downlines, personal participation is required.  Starting a home business is not necessarily the best course of action for all people.  Building a business by mail order or "On-line" takes time, effort, and at least a small amount of working capital.  Only you know your available time, willingness to work and financial situation.


16. Use of the EZprofit website is "As Is".  EZprofit100/The Rayburn Group cannot be held liable for any   website error or malfunction. 



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