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One Color Postcard

One Color Postcard with Black Ink. Many Colors to Choose From.

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Full-Color Postcard

Postcard is a “Blue Theme” printed in full-color on heavy card stock. These eye-catching cards really grab the attention of your prospects.

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1,000 Full-Color Postcards Only $96.50. Includes Free Shipping to your front door.

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Or Call "Ace Information Print & Copy" at: (800) 608-2318

Mailing Lists

Major Key to Success

One major key to building any home business by direct mail is using a Quality Mailing list. Do Not use "cheap" mailing lists. It's a waste of money and will end up costing you more in the long run. There are several "good quality" lists in the industry. We recommend one the Most Responsive Mailing Lists available. There is no such thing as a "magic list", but this list is from one the most reputable lead brokers in the industry. The key to finding a good list is Test, Test, Test.

Important Information!

Network Marketers waste Thousands of Marketing Dollars by purchasing cheap, ineffective mailing lists. Many uninformed network marketers buy a "cheap" mailing list thinking they're saving money. In reality they're wasting money, because their largest expense is Printing and Postage, and the "cheap" mailing list gives them a very poor percentage of return. It's more "cost effective" to spend a little more on a "good quality" mailing list, then to buy a "cheap" list that will give you extremely poor results.

Have Your Own Printer?

You're welcome to use your own local printer for postcards and flyers. You can request a Direct Mail Marketing package from EZprofit100. This includes a Master Copy of the One-Color Postcard, Marketing Flyer, and 2" Display. Each item is imprinted with your EZprofit100 Username. Just take it to your local printer and get as many copies as you wish.